Money is personal, and the “right” way to invest is as unique as you are. Our advisors will meet with you to find out about you, your family, and your goals. We will meet you  —  our focus is on providing investment advice rather than selling individual securities.

Financial Planning

A financial plan is the cornerstone of the investment process, and helps clarify our clients' goals and requirements. Whether you're planning to pay for college, retirement, start a business, or any other capital-intensive project, we can help. We work with clients just starting out in their careers looking for direction, as well as though near or in retirement.



Recommended for first-time clients

A detailed plan for college planning or retirement, including asset allocation analysis

A complete insurance analysis for home, life, and property

Creation of a comprehensive plan and investment summary PDF

Answers to questions you may have regarding specific investment goals

In-person or phone call



Recommended for clients who've previously worked with a financial advisor.

Everything in our standard plan, plus:

Calculations for any rental properties you may have, or plan to acquire

Coverage of complex cashflow scenarios

In-person or phone call



Recommended for business owners with sophisticated planning needs

Everything included in standard and premium plan, plus:

Planning of private equity positions and/or exits, business acquisition

Plan covers if you're an incorporated individual or pay household employees

Portfolio Design & Management

The Wealth Managers' approach to investing begins with a thorough understanding of our clients' investment goals and requirements. This is achieved by focusing on expectations of return, tolerance to risk, cash flow needs, investment horizon, accessibility and liquidity, and tax implications. Fees for portfolio management range between 0.25% - 1.00%, depending on assets under management and investment objectives.

Getting to Know
Our Clients

  • Occupation & Education
  • Investment Experience
  • Tolerance to Risk
  • Income Objectives
  • Goal-Based Planning
  • Investment Horizon

Planning and

  • Equities & Debt Investing
  • Tax Implications
  • Philanthropic Strategies
  • Retirement Planning
  • Roth IRA & 401k Plans


  • Asset Placement
  • Custodial Accounts
  • Investment Research
  • Economic Analysis
  • Beneficiary Planning


  • In-Person Meetings
  • Advisor Accessibility
  • Project Management
  • Quarterly Reviews
  • Portfolio Rebalancing

401(k) Plans

Wealth Managers' 401(k) plans are designed with cost-efficiency in mind and can help you offer competitive benefits to existing and potential employees. Offering a tax-advantaged retirement plan is a valuable option to compete for talent and help level the professional playing field when it comes to employee retention. This can help attract talent in today's challenging job market, retain valuable employees, and enjoy tax advantages as an owner or business manager.



per month

+ $8 per active participant

A seamless Safe Harbor 401(k) for small businesses that want to make an employer contribution.

Payroll integration with Gusto, Quickbooks Online, and 15+ other providers.

Automated recordkeeping, plan admin, and employee onboarding.

We serve as your 3(38) and 3(16) fiduciary and handle certain IRS and DOL reporting and filings.



per month

+ $8 per active participant

A 401(k) for businesses that want the flexibility to pick and choose features to meet their goals.

Everything in our Silver plan, plus:

Flexibility to open a Safe Harbor 401(k) plan or traditional 401(k) plan.

Add features like employer contributions, profit sharing and vesting schedules.

We conduct additional IRS nondiscrimination testing for traditional plans.



per month

+ $8 per active participant

Our most customizable 401(k) for business owners who want to maximize savings and receive dedicated support.

Everything in our Silver and Gold plans, plus:

Custom features like new comparability profit sharing.

Dedicated onboarding specialist and account manager.

Support for controlled group plans.


When it comes to stocks and bonds, “how to buy” matters more than “what to buy.”

Our team will educate you on the differences of stocks vs. bonds, help you better understand the stock market, and offer you sound financial advice designed to meet your retirement goal.



You are most likely familiar with the concept of a loan: A bank lends you money over a period of time, during which time you will make monthly payments which includes interest. It's helpful to understand this concept when considering bonds as part of your portfolio. In the case of Bonds, the investor is the creditor (like the bank), and the borrower is the institution or organization that sold the bond. We will help you understand the key factors to consider when evaluating a potential bond investment as well as use fundamental strategies for investing in bonds.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a pool of money collected from the investing public that is used to buy other securities, typically stocks and bonds. Mutual Funds offer a platform to jumpstart your investing and diversify your portfolio. They can be cost-effective, give you easy access to your money, generate income, and provide growth potential.



Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is a type of fund which owns the underlying assets and divides ownership of those assets into shares. As an ETF shareholder, you indirectly own these assets and are entitled to a proportion of the profits. Generally, ETF’s offer greater flexibility, tax-efficiency, and are cost-effective. Wealth Managers will help you determine if ETFs may be right for you and your investing strategy. If they are, we will present you with options designed to meet your risk tolerance and objectives.

Stock Market News