Wealth Managers Foundation

We know the value of financial knowledge and advice. But, we also know not everyone is in the position to pay for it. Wealth Managers Foundation contributes time and money to educate members of our community and support them on their path to financial security.

Wealth Managers Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, privately funded by Wealth Managers Inc. utilizing a 1-2-3 giving model. Wealth Managers donates 1% of our profit, 2% of our equity and 3% advisor time to Wealth Managers Foundation. These funds and volunteer hours are used to  further the financial education of those who would otherwise not have the opportunity.


1% of Profit
2% of Equity
3% of Advisor Time

Philanthropy in Financial Planning

Being able to use your financial success to contribute to the greater good of humanity brings great gratification. Yet, entering the philanthropy world can bring about many questions.  What is the right amount to give? Which cause should you invest in? How do you get started in giving?

As a client of Wealth Managers, we will help you answer these questions and assist you in your gift-giving. Whether you already know your preferred cause or are just beginning your philanthropic journey, we will help you develop a charitable plan that is aligned to you, your overall investment strategy, and your interests and values.